Services & Prices


We have two types of client bookings:

Fixed – same bookings week in week out, (these can be changed, but generally not on a weekly basis).

Variable – Different bookings each week.

Bookings are managed on a weekly basis.

Thursday – Booking request texts sent to all variable clients, and bookings received.

Friday – Bookings are entered into the diary.

Fri-Sun – Confirmation texts are sent to all clients variable and fixed.

Changes can be made to the bookings after the confirmation texts have been received, preferably more than 24 hours in advance of.

Emergency bookings can be received same day preferably before 8am for day care, and before 3pm for sleepover.


Puppy Playschool: £25 per day

Doggy Day Care: £25 per day

Daycare+Sleepover (24 hrs): £45

Holiday Home – Quotations on request

1-1 training session: £45 (Puppy Playschool client price: £25)

OFFER: Pre pay 6 1-1 sessions and receive your pre puppy home visit free of charge.

1-1 behavioural consultation: £60

Cancellation Policies

Single booking cancellation policy – Full payment due if booking cancelled within 24 hours.

Ongoing contract cancellation – 2 weeks notice.

Dogs over 5 months old

We do take on dogs over 5 moths old, however due to other methods of training, social experiences, learned behaviour, there is a three-step induction process they must go through. 1) Home check 2) Intro walk 3) months trial.

Spaces for older dogs starting at Camp K9 are extremely limited, as we are an academy dedicated to helping to raise puppies from day 1.

Neutering/spaying policy

We do not have entire males in day care, all males are to be neutered at puberty which is approx 8-9 months old.

Entire females are accepted in day care, but not during their season.

Company Insurance

We are fully insured, including public liability, with Cliverton.

Toni and the team at camp k9 mean that my dog has a second home where she’s looked after just as at home (if not better!) Her reaction when she sees Toni says it all. Thank you.