• We rent access to 40 acres of private woodland and fields which we take the dogs out on, during their day
  • The gorgeous woods are carpeted with blue bells in the spring, provide shelter from the sun in the summer and from the rain in the winter
  • A stream runs through the woods, running supplies of water to the numerous water holes
  • In the summer one of the water holes dries up into a fabulous peat digging pit which the dogs have great fun
  • Numerous fields surround the woods, each with very different terrains, ranging from meadows, moor and heathland, to a wonderful array of bramble bushes supplying bountiful black berries
  • Of the abundant wildlife, the deer, rabbits, and squirrels frequent it the most, leaving wonderful scented trails for the dogs to enjoy
  • When on the land with the dogs, it is more than just a walk, without the worries of running into anyone else, the dogs can really focus on having fun, stimulating those senses, exercising those legs, digging in those ditches, splashing in those pools, fulfilling all those true doggy needs
  • Walkie talkies are used as part of our safety measures, to ensure individuals are always in contact with each other whilst out on the land
  • There are two mains water points on the land providing fresh water during the walk in the heat of the summer

Doggy heaven, lots of activities, games and cuddles Tia loves her days out, always tired afterwards, but a happy dog. Peace of mind while at work that my baby is being very well cared for by Toni and the team. Thank you all.