Puppy Playschool

12 weeks ~ 6 months

We hold keys and collect from homes before 10am and drop back at home from 4pm.

    • Puppies are placed into small group classes, monitored limited exercise, and regular rest periods
    • ‘How to Play’ ~ Guided and supervised sessions with older dogs teaching young puppies social skills
    • ‘Not Today’ ~ Guided and supervised sessions with adult dogs teaching communication skills for when dogs are not interested in play
    • ‘Puppy fun’ ~ Play time, short monitored interactions 1-1 play encouraging balanced interaction
    • ‘I Can Listen’ ~ Practising human to dog communication skills, most commonly: play recall, sit, stay, wait, come
    • ‘Time to snooze’ ~ Regular breaks between lessons to rest
    • ‘Lunch Time’ ~ Puppies come with packed lunch, served 12-1 each day
    • ‘Cuddle Time’ ~  Find a human lap and come and have a cuddle

This is Batman’s favourite place in the whole world he shakes with excitement as soon as we arrive, he LOOOOOOVES doggy daycare!